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Saturday, August 20, 2011

When Opportunity Knocks...

Recently I began a partnership with a few of my cousins here in Las Vegas in a business by the name of BAROQUE EVENTS (pronounced buh-rohk, meaning Timeless). From the beginning it came with all sorts of feelings, excitement, fear, inadequacy, etc. but it honestly has been an adventure and something that I can't get off my mind or even stop talking about. It's come to a point where I literally eat, drink, and sleep BAROQUE, funny, yes but I LOVE IT! You always hear people say "THE SKIES THE LIMIT" that literally is being implemented in my life right now...and I have to ask myself, "What took you so long"? Who would've ever thought I'd be part owner of a company in less than a year of living here. All I can say is... better late than never right??

From a young age I've always wanted to be successful, and make a name for myself but could never really grasp how to get started and living in Vegas has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I've also been reading a lot too, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Money Class etc. There's always room for improvement! In just the short time that I've lived here (almost a year) I've been allowed to do so much. VIP at Gladys Knight's show @Tropicana, front and center @the Palms embracing the smooth sounds of Brian Mcknight, cheering on the electrifying moves of the Jabbawockeez @Monte Carlo, or even singing along with Colbie Caillat her ever famous Falling for You @Mandalay Bay... Yes Life's Good.. not because I'm able to do so much here, that's just a *bonus* but because there's so much opportunity and the Amazing part is meeting people that continue to inspire me to actual
ly live the dreams I've had for so many years.

So of course we as a company were able to coordinate the VIP/Green Rooms for the latest concert in Salt Lake City promoted by Kulture Shock, the "Let's do it again Jam". Was it hard work of course, but it was FUN hard work! W
e love what we do and although J-Boog was the headliner and I was able to meet him, I have to say that Common Kings came ready and with it! They were so energetic, they made me tired hahaha... CK have to be some of the most humble performers I've met and I hope to see them mainstream and also perform again soon.

(The Amazing Common Kings)

I thank God everyday for everything I have, talents, opportunity, life, but most importantly what I'm able to do with the life he's given me. What goods a life if it's not lived? Never limit yourself, even if it means using self affirmations daily, in the end, the only thing that counts is how you feel when you've reached SUCCESS...

This is ...Life Unwritten...


  1. Hey sis if this shows under TUpua's account know that its me Crystal. I love reading your blogs. And its been an interesting journey hasnt it? I cant wait to read the next. Keep them coming sis. Youve inspired me to write again but this time in my journal LOL... One of these days Ill blog but when Im not to lazy to do so.

    You are the Bomb.com!

  2. Hey sis THIS IS TUPUA and I just wanna say ARE YOU IN UTAH RIGHT NOW? LOL! I know RANDOM...I'm trying to get a carpool going for Austin's welcome home party and Sunday service. Please call me and let me know. Newhoo, I DO LOVE THIS and I AM A DREAMER WITH A PLAN FOR SUCCESS! KEEP SHARING THESE BLOGS BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT AFFIRMATIONS OF OUR SOUL'S DESIRE. Love you...T

  3. Awesome sis!!!! And you being as wonderful as you are will make for more success in your Events business. All the best to you, you deserve it. Love you!

  4. I'm so happy you found something you love! What a great opportunity :) I know you ladies will continue to do wonderful things in the future. Love you Tita!